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אורנה ליפשיץ בקמן - צילום רוני כנעני SMA

ORNA - FINE DESIGN was established by Orna Lifshitz Bakman, at the end of 2017, as a designed jewelry and Clutch bags brand. Orna is an industrial designer with an M.A. in art history, that both influence and shape her work.

Orna's first collection, which is expanding with new designs, is made of a unique combination, between Neoprene fabric and Gold or Silver tone plated metal. This new material combination creates a fine, clean and fresh look, that resonates classic timeless jewelry, while bringing to light up to date fashionable and innovative contemporary accessories.

In ORNA - FINE DESIGN we  aim to create minimalist and elegant design, but a colorful one. Most sketches start from a geometrical notion and stay as simple and clear as we can. All production processes also are there to support these goals and although these jewelry pieces are defined as fashion jewelry, we aspire to design jewelry and clutch bags that don’t lose their relevance after just one season, but here to stay as long as their materials enable them.


Nowadays Orna is working also on another new collection, in parallel to the Neoprene one. A collection of wood Jewelry, the WOOD MOOD collection. The aspiration is to work with natural materials that can be recycled and the metal plated pieces are combined with wood parts. These wood parts are also being cut, like the neoprene fabric, by laser, to create this elegant notion that defines her designs.

ORNA- FINE DESIGN is a small studio, and all items are designed and assembled by hand, with high attention to details and with lots of love. 

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